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Did You Know every 1 in 8 Women Are Diagnosed With Cancer?

Hi, I'm Jeanette Carbajal! I am a leading global cancer coach who helps empower people in their cancer experience.

I am gathering with breast cancer professionals to help educate and empower people to achieve breast health. Each month, a new guest expert will be released along with monthly Q&A's and workshops.

I want to welcome you to join us today in our mission to combat the stigma around breast cancer, and create a vibrant and empowered future for anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis. 

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1 in 8, NOT TODAY!

The Breast Empowerment Project is your GO-TO place for all your Breast Health Tips, Support, and Community Conversations.

Currently 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Taking the steps to know what contributes to breast cancer and how to have beautiful breast health.

Our desire is to help you know your own breasts better than your doctor does.


When advocating for you and your breasts, remember that you have "Woman's Intuition" on your side!

You will learn how to keep your BREAST HEALTH in check.

Invite your lady friends, ask questions, and get ready for The Breast Empowerment Project!

This community is all about how be prevent being 1 in 8.

1 in 8, NOT TODAY!!


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It's one of the strongest empowerment groups supporting women to understand and implement breast health in your daily life. 

We share breast cancer awareness information, professional interviews, and breast health tips.

Together, we forge a community to support women take control of their breast health!

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Join the experts in learning the skills and tools to increase breast cancer awareness.

Each course module features experts from around the world to help you achieve optimal breast health.

You'll have expert training videos, interactive workbooks, mindfulness practices, and more!


Feature training videos include:

  • How to build connective healing processes.
  • How to monitor your breast health.
  • Herbs that promote optimal breast function.
  • Breast healing prayers.
  • Daily breast hygiene that supports healthy breasts.
  • Insights from experts about the controversial bra underwire.
  • The Confident Breast Exam downloadable guide: to help you track changes in your breast health.
  • And more!


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The Breast Empowerment Collective course is an $11 USD monthly membership. 

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