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Let me show you how to manage your disease and your emotions.


Protect your energy with practical tools and proven mindset.

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If you are a high performing leader, you need to know who Jeanette is. 

Jeanette is a Professional Leadership and Disease Coach for C-Suite Executives & Educator on Disease Culture.

Master Certified Mindset Coach.

​She connects her clients to their unique healing roadmap so they can feel secure in the journey ahead.

My clients have said after working with me that their families, career, and new lifestyle fostered a sense of control once again.

Cultivating health and wellness on all levels.


Experience health regardless of your medical diagnosis.

Jeanette's philosophy is that everybody harnesses the innate ability to heal regardless of what their medical records say.
Healing is when you return back to the very essence of who you are, removing societal pressures, identities, and the attachment of a certain outcome.
This philosophy is made possible, is proven, and is impacting thousands of lives because she uses a mix of positive psychology, neurolinguistic programming, the transformational coaching method, sound and color healing, body talk, essential oils, the natural elements, expressive journaling, and experiencing your innate wisdom.
Are you ready, able, and willing to do the healing?
People always say healing happens with time.


Time offers the opportunity to heal when you take the proper steps forward.

How Can I Support You?

The Breast Empowerment Project

For women who are looking to keep their breast health in check and learn their breasts better than their doctor does. Women who are taking the steps to find out what contributes to breast cancer. The Breast Empowerment Project is a  breast health course and community to have conversations 

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The 5 Simple Step Practice for Making Empowering Decisions For Your Health

For high performing leaders struggling with a recent diagnosis that has impacted their business and life. Leaders who want to take back control after a diagnois.



Enlightening Reviews of Jeanette

Sam M.

"At first, waking up in the morning was a struggle, and having to do daily tasks was nearly impossible to do in one day. Now, I wake up with ease and take on my task/duties and finish them in more than half the time. My mind and soul are becoming a fine tune machine we are learning to define even more everyday. I have a clearer perspective on my life and continue to learn and grow with my Life coach to create my ultimate self. I hereby declare that my journey has gone far beyond my initial goals and will continue to grow as long as i continue the work with Jeanette and practice the tools I am given."

Dr. Melissa E. Mitchell DC

"Through this program, I have solidified my values and harnessed both self confidence and self empowerment which have castaway any self-doubt in how I envision being a healthcare practitioner now and in the future. I now have an amazing support group of wonderful women who continue to lift me up and inspire me along the way."

D. Hodges

"I have spent 57 years of my life ravaged by the effects of abuse and shame due to the inability to create boundaries with unhealthy people that my life was attracting. She helped me get to the core of that root behavior, of finding my voice and strength and seeing myself as the beautiful creation of God that I am. She taught me the most important gift of all and it came so gently-to honor my heart, to love the child within and to protect and enjoy her. Eternally grateful."

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