The Spiritual Business Healer®

 “The Secret Weapon” to top industry leaders.

Jeanette conducts one-day energetic business surgery and 1-week activation retreats that change the trajectory of her client's mission to create impact at lightning speeds.

 Jeanette is a spiritual business healer®, speaker, and educator. Holding a light on the dark parts of their business, she helps entrepreneurs create the most badass, re-inspired business. Jeanette alchemizes her entrepreneurs' inspiration, magic, and spark back into their businesses by teaching their subcontractors and teams how to think and make decisions based on the values of the brand once again.

When do you need a Business Healer®?

A business healer® is someone you call when you feel like your business is broken, hurting, and it feels painful to manage. These physical symptoms relate to a part of your business or system that has fallen into disarray. When your business is crying out for your attention, allow somebody like me to listen to the whispers of your business's desires and reawaken the fire within the owner. Activating the business and life of your dreams.

"I have helped 7-9 fig businesses scale using this method and in and raising their frequency for success."

Are you ready to be broken open?

Jeanette Carbajal

has helped successful businesses that have fallen into an energetic rut. activating the fire in the business once again. strategically creating a path to multiple millions. and for a few committed, soul-aligned businesses - breaking into billions with ease.

why do businesses need healing?


business started as a healing practice.


we have a pain and we buy the healing.


a business is designed to heal a painpoint.


yet if a business is painful/killing us, who's its healer? 


I am, babe.


our business is the deepest spiritual awakening of our lives. we have to face our own shadows within our business and self eventually.


but many try to outrun healing of their business by doing the "masculine way of hustling". but our body and spirit is sooooo intelligent it burns us out to heal the parts of our soul and business to FULFILL OUR MISSION.


and burnout,

my love,

is a red flag 🚩

that you are doing business out of alignment.


so many successful women I've mentored over the years have been traumatized by doing business the "masculine-generator" way. and that's what needs healing. we've been traumatized.


business started in the 6th century and ITS ARCHAIC.


we have evolved through the centuries as humans and as a society. yet business has evolved technologically but not in honoring and respecting the healing.



Jeanette is a modern day Mary Poppins


She is a Healer at heart


business trauma specialist®
business healer®
certified life coach
NLP practitioner
sound healer

Jeanette has helped over 88 businesses realize there was one thing that was stopping them.


business trauma® = opportunity to HEAL