Authentic Client Words





"Jeanette's coaching program has far exceeded any expectations that I had. I didn't realize the amount of personal growth that would occur from learning the art of coaching others. Prior to the start of the program I felt overwhelmed by the vastness of ways in which I could help others heal and become better versions of themselves, which was ultimately crippling my ability to move forward with my practice and growth. I didn't consciously have my values firmly set in place to then base all of my decisions on and guide me in helping others. Through this program I have solidified my values and harnessed both self confidence and self empowerment which have castaway any self-doubt in how I envision being a healthcare practitioner now and in the future. I now have an amazing support group of wonderful women who continue to lift me up and inspire me along the way."

-Dr. Melissa E. Mitchell, DC

"Jeanette is a bright soul and a deeply caring coach. My uncle was diagnosed with cancer and she helped us get through the confusion and panic when we need it most. She's so knowledgeable. "

-Elizabeth K. 

"3 months ago, I had an idea of the direction I needed to go, but after coaching with Jeanette for only 4 weeks, I finally have a great sense of direction, great positioning, and confidence in moving forward in life." 

-Mr. Cummings

‚Äč"Jeanette is a true warrior, her passion is to bring her personal experience with cancer to the service of others. Jeanette surrounds herself with highly knowledgeable and professional people in the medical and holistic field. Jeanette's coaching helps and guides her clients and their family to regain control over their health."

-Silvie S.

"With great celebration in my heart of the most precious time I have spent with Jeanette Carbajal over the past several months. Today we finish a 6 week series on boundary making and I can truly say my eyes have been opened and my life has radically changed. Words cannot really describe a person like Jeanette, her grace and patience with every stage of my suffering was incredibly empowering. She gave me so much more than any counselor could give me in all my years with professional counselors. She gave me hope and believed in me when I did not believe in myself. I have spent 57 years of my life ravaged by the effects of abuse and shame due to the inability to create boundaries with unhealthy people that my life was attracting. She helped me get to the core of that root behavior, of finding my voice and strength and seeing myself as the beautiful creation of God that I am. She taught me the most important gift of all and it came so gently-to honor my heart, to love the child within and to protect and enjoy her. Eternally grateful."

-D. Hodges.

"From the minute we began with a great teaching I started to loosen the bonds of negative thinking about myself and others. From there we began the journey of my heart and life and relationships that have impacted my life for years. In this discovery, one that I have tried to understand for 16 years, my heart, mind and body were transformed and lifted from a deep pit I have been in for a long time. What was holding me down in my family was released and let go. Light started to shine into the dark corners where I hid my pain and shame. Then a beautiful lunch, more self discovery, and unpacking and discovery that years of therapy never touched.  I felt like a princess, loved and cared for and made to feel precious from the start. From the tears to the hugs to the caring of my heart, body and soul I felt like I came home to Mother Wisdom and Mother Heart through true sisterhood and authentic compassion. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking a reset in their thinking and in their identity. If you are looking to come home to your heart, this lady will usher you into something beyond hours and hours of therapy that will amaze you and help you find the beautiful journey back to you."

- P. Jackson

"Having the opportunity to work with Jeanette and learn about her passion and purpose to work with cancer patients, I see she is not only helping the patient, but the caregiver as well. Jeanette's work reminds people about the important of setting boundaries; both for our self and the people we are caring for, as well as the importance of helping others without losing ourselves in the process."

- Christina B.

"I, Sam M., believe that the journey I'm in for my well-being with the tremendous help of Jeanette Carbajal has jumped leaps and bounds from my first testament. My understanding of my depression has now become a lot easier to control and maintain my positivity and happiness everyday. At first, waking up in the morning was a struggle and having to do daily tasks was nearly impossible to do in one day. Now I wake up with ease and take on my task/duties and finish them in more than half the time. My mind and soul are becoming a fine tune machine we are learning to define even more everyday. I have a clearer perspective on my life and continue to learn and grow with my Life coach to create my ultimate self. I hereby declare that my journey has gone far beyond my initial goals and will continue to grow as long as i continue the work with Jeanette and practice the tools I am given."

- Sam M.

"I cannot tell you how much YOUR coaching changed my life! I look forward to following your journey and am definitely going to keep in touch with you if that's okay. You showed me confidence and pride in myself that I didn't even know I had. The chronic disease I suffered from was guilt, smallness, and self-doubt. I made a leap and thank goodness you were there. You've helped me more than just me through me. Projection vs. Perception has been a GAME CHANGER. Thank you!"


"Jeanette is amazing! I felt instant comfort and safety with her. She connected to who I am and my current struggles in a way that brought me to tears! Just this one phone call has given me a huge insight into where I need to go next. "

- Wendi F. 

"I have paid for many programs to help me launch my coaching business, and I found Jeanette program was exactly what I needed. With her guidance, I was able to clarify my purpose and to develop my own program that was tailored to my strengths. She helps me to overcome self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that have held me back for so many years. Her kindness, compassion, and insights get right to the core of things so you experience growth and progress very quickly.  I highly recommended her program to any coach that is ready to get down to business."

-Annette Tello M.S.