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Jeanette speaks directly to clinics, physicians, and organizations teaching practitioners tools to self-regulate that are proven to increase practitioner compliance and boost morale.

Are you experiencing...


  • Compassion fatigue?

  • Caregiver/Practitioner burnout?

  • Is it hard for you to separate your personal and professional life?

  • Do you desire support on how to have compassionate conversations with patients?


  • Is your profession costing you your health? 


  • Is your body stopping you from showing up to your mission?


  • Do you constantly feel exhausted due to overwhelm? 


  • Feel disconnected?


Master Transformational Life Coach
Certified Holistic Cancer Coach
Certified Health Coach
Neurolinguistic programmer (NLP Practitioner)
National Speaker
Essential Oil Advocate
Cancer Lifestyle Consultant
Corporate Cancer Wellness Educator
Sound Healer



Speaker Topics



  • Resilience toolkit for practitioners

  • Clinical compassionate communication

  • Empathatic Resilience

  • Personal vs. Professional boundaries

  • Time Management

  • Extreme Mindset shifts

  • Literal and figurative listening skills

  • How to de-escalate emotionally charged conversations.

  • Conflict resolution / putting out fires in the patient room. 

  • How to show up as the A+ version of yourself and not a martyr.

  • Protecting your vision and your missing for being in medicine.


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Pricing inquires are customized to suit the individual needs and topic selections of the organization or clinic.


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