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"She's so worth it - she's so worth the time and the money." - Stella


Jeanette's philosophy is that everybody harnesses the innate ability to heal regardless of what their medical records say.


Healing is when you return back to the very essence of who you are, removing societal pressures, identities, and the attachment of a certain outcome.

Schedule a Healing Strategy Session

Jeanette's philosophy is made possible, is proven, and is impacting thousands of lives because she uses a mix of


positive psychology,

neurolinguistic programming,

the transformational coaching method,

sound and color healing,

body talk,

essential oils,

the natural elements,

expressive journaling, and

experiencing your innate wisdom.


Are you ready, able, and willing to do the healing?


People always say healing happens with time....


Time offers the opportunity to heal when you take the proper steps forward.

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The 5 Simple Step Practice for Making Empowering Decisions For Your Health

For high performing leaders struggling with a recent diagnosis.

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